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Seven Point

Seven Potions Hair Styling Paste

Seven Potions Hair Styling Paste

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Feeling low about how your hair looks? Worry not! Your natural mane can be given new life with the help of Seven Potions Hair Styling Paste. Crafted with only the finest ingredients, this styling paste will provide you with that perfect blend of hold and styling freedom. 

It also doubles as a nourisher to promote healthy hair. Whether you’re looking for some extra oomph or want to elevate your hair to the next level of sophistication - it’ll fit any occasion. The modern gentleman knows there’s no excuse for bad hair days, and now you have the product to ensure they’re a thing of the past.



Straighten the tousled, tame the mane. Take control with this formula for turning unruly locks into a work of art. Your cut needs it, and your audience is waiting. Achieve sublime strands with a matte and textured finish that mold to your every will.

A small dab will do wonders for fine and medium hair types, providing hold without sticking too closely to the scalp, so flare-ups stay at bay. Whether your hair is still damp after your morning shower or it has been given a chance to dry, our Hair Styling Paste will work its magic. You can restyle your look throughout the day without issue. And if you’re not getting the look you want, simply add a little more for a stronger hold.



Like all of our products, our Hair Styling Paste is crafted with high-quality natural ingredients that serve the many needs of the modern gentleman. 

Carnauba Cera delivers plasticity and flexibility without adding unwanted shine or glare to your hair. It leaves your hair feeling weightless and never sticky in any way.  

A carefully selected mixture of nourishing ingredients goes above and beyond to heal your mane without a heavy coating, leaving an ultra-light oil-free residue for seriously touchable smoothness that you can restyle throughout your day. 

This proprietary blend is perfect for all-day use or special occasions and events. Whatever your need, the potent, nourishing ingredients will deliver.

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