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Tecno Elettra

Tecno Elettra Professional Hair Dryer Atom Ionic 3000

Tecno Elettra Professional Hair Dryer Atom Ionic 3000

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Negative ion technology locks in moisture and nourishes dry hair, bids farewell to frizzy deep care, tightens the round surface of the hair, and makes the hair soft and smooth, showing a natural and bright luster.

.Environmentally friendly design, recyclable parts

.No bad elements and toxic paint

.Safety system to prevent overheating , 2 types of air nozzles, freely matched, safe and durable.

.Two sections of wind speed adjustment, namely strong wind and slow wind.

.Four kinds of heat adjustment, namely hot air, warm air, slightly warm air and freezing air

Model : Atom Ionic 3000

Power : 2000 watts

Voltage : Voltage 220-240

Engine : HC Fast

Line length : 3 meters

Weight : 525g

made in Italy

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