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Wahl Cordless Trimmer BERET CORDLESS Trimmer

Wahl Cordless Trimmer BERET CORDLESS Trimmer

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Powered by an efficient and durable lithium-ion battery, its ergonomic design is ultra-thin, lightweight and easy to use. It's also very quiet, so it's great for helping children.

Quickly detachable chrome-plated blade, ideal for close and fine hair trimming, can be used continuously for 75 minutes after 60 minutes of charging

product specifications
StyleBeret Cordless trimmer
Model 08841
Weight is about 115g (net weight of the body)

Hair length 0.4mm

Core Motor
<br>Type Rotary Motor Speed ​​6000rpm

Blade type

Standard Chrome Blade: 02111-200


·Centimeter set x4

·Charging Cable

·Cleaning brush and smooth oil

·Blade guard

Wahl products come with a 6-month warranty

First 6 months: Free inspections, repairs and parts*
After 6 months: Free inspection, chargeable repairs and parts, quotation will be made after inspection

Free maintenance terms *do not include*
– Cutting head, wire and fire bull – Battery maintenance period is 3 months after purchase – Damage caused by human negligence, careless use or fall

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