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Wahl Cordless Trimmer Detailer Li Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Cordless Trimmer Detailer Li Cordless Trimmer

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feature of product

The 38mm wide T- shaped blade can trim hair as short as 0.4mm. When adjusted to the zero overlap position, it can be trimmed close to the skin.

After 100 minutes of charging, it can be used continuously for 45 minutes


product specifications

StyleDetailer Li Cordless Trimmer

Model 08171

Weight is about 190g ( net weight of the fuselage)


core motor

Type Rotary Motor

Speed ​​per minute 6800rpm


Blade type
T-Wide Blade : 02215-1101

·Centimeter set x3
·Brush before Hu
·Charging Cable
·Cleaning brush and smooth oil
·Blade guard

products come with 6 -month warranty

First 6 months: Free inspections, repairs and parts *
After 6 months: Free inspection, chargeable repairs and parts, quotation will be made after inspection

Free maintenance terms * do not include *
Knife head, wire and fire bull
warranty period is 3 months after purchase
Damage caused by human negligence, careless use or falling

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